Why Some People Never Get It

No matter how hard you try. No matter how right it is. No matter how wonderful the vision; some people never get it. 

It is no less aggravating, but you may be encouraged to know that this is a problem as old as Jesus. When he began His public ministry there were various reactions to his preaching. And yes! Some people never got it! 

This message shared in a Sunday night series at Liberty Baptist Church entitled The Gospels, explores why four groups within the church never get it (and every church has “got” ’em).

  • The Groupies – always chasing personalities but missing the power of God.
  • The Selfies – always asking what’s in it for me but missing the movement of God.
  • The Junkies – always chasing the high but missing the fullness of God.
  • The Authorities – always comparing to tradition but missing the newness of God.

Fortunately, there was one group that got it; the disciples. Jesus was able to show them how who they are and what they had done their entire lives could be leveraged for the Kingdom of God.

Which one are you? 

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