Joy is Always Available

Did you know that the word “joy” is used 433x in the Bible? Did you know that “rejoice” is the most repeated command in the Bible? Truth is, God is so concerned with our happiness that He commands it! If this is true, joy must always be available.

But joy seems elusive. Joy is an emotional response to an experience. Joy has to have a reason. When it comes to love we are commanded to love even things that are unlovely. The Bible commands us to love our enemies. Joy is different. We cannot take joy in things that are not joyful. In fact, if we take joy in the wrong things, it is sinful. This brings us to one of the most exiting truths of the Bible. If God commands us to have joy, joy must ALWAYS be available!

But where is it? How can I have it? In what can I always take joy? In this message from Liberty, I use Psalm 16 to point to exciting things in which you can always take joy.

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