#TheWalk by Brian Branam

This book was written out of frustration and revelation. The frustration – turning 40! As if my middle age birthday were not enough, I realized there was now more life behind me than in front of me and I had still not accomplished some of my goals despite the fact that I was running at them as hard as I could possibly go.

The revelation came out of my daily Bible reading and prayer time. Psalm 119:133 reads, “Keep steady my steps according to your promise and let no iniquity get dominion over me.” Steps!

Immediately I began to study the concept of steps in the Bible. I was astounded to then find how many times the word “walk” was also used in the Bible. I realized that following God comes at a pedestrian pace – step by step. He never runs. He never hurries. God is frustratingly slow, but when you follow the one who created the universe day by day, the one who can raise the dead – you’re never late.

#TheWalk is about slowing down and following God. By asking one simple question each day you can accomplish your greatest goals and grab hold of the most amazing dreams. #TheWalk is not about doing more, but less. It is not a “how to” on being more efficient or more successful, but about being satisfied.

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