The Outsider (Sunday Replay)

We all have prejudices. We are comfortable with our prejudices. We are blind to our prejudices. We are limited by our prejudices. But God will push us past our prejudices for the sake of His Son and the advancement of the gospel.

Shoot Them All!

My apologies for not posting in awhile, but I am pleased to report that we finished our big move!

The church I serve as Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church, purchased and dedicated 17 acres of land as the site for a new campus. I came to Liberty in 2012 and at the time the project was pretty much a hole in the ground. We spent the next few years raising money and preparing ourselves as a church to be in a better place to take on this project. Needless to say, it has been a long road that required a lot of sacrifice, volunteer hours, and answered prayers to make it happen – but it happened!

Liberty dedicated the land on April 12, 2009. Our first Sunday in the new campus was April 15, 2018 Р9 years, almost to the day of the original dedication. God has a way of working in the details to remind us that it is unmistakably Him.

Here is our first service in 2 minutes!

time lapse celebration dedication service from Liberty Baptist Church on Vimeo.

With this project behind us I hope to be return to regularly sharing Biblical content with you. Thanks for your patience.

Here is the sermon I shared that first Sunday! Shoot Them All!

Shoot Them All from Liberty Baptist Church on Vimeo.