Speaking and Referrals

Please visit us any Sunday at my home church, Liberty Baptist in Chatsworth, GA (www.LibertyBaptistChurch.ws). In addition to preaching week to week at Liberty, I also take a limited number of dates for revivals, retreats, special meetings, and groups. I have spoken at student retreats, men’s meetings, and yes – even a women’s retreat! I have led sessions at marriage events and at single’s conferences. Whether it’s a group of 3 or 600; I love to share the content God has called me to create.

Chris Altman – The Rock Student Ministry of Roopville Road Baptist Church – Carrolton, GA

Many things have changed over the last several years within our student ministry summer camp.  One thing that has remained the same is having Brian come as our main speaker.  The times our students spend with Brian and his teachings are invaluable.  This is all a direct reflection of his devotion and delight in the Word of God.  I’m thankful to have known him practically my whole life and to now allow this friendship to bleed over into ministry.  Brian is a unique writer and communicator and lights up the room, or browser screen, when he appears.

Jerry Tyson, College and Youth Pastor Bellview Baptist, McCalla, AL

Brian Branam is an authentic and gifted teacher and storyteller. He brings a contagious excitement for scripture as he teaches, that both challenges and inspires all ages.

Brian is a great communicator for all ages. The content of his messages are relatable and the application for our lives is clear. If you are looking for an amazing and impactful speaker you will find Brian to be your guy.

Speaking Schedule

January 18-21, 2019 – Together for One student retreat – Timberlake Retreat Center Millport, AL

February 23, 2019 – The Righteous Manhood Conference – Liberty Baptist Church, Chatsworth, GA

February 24-27, 2019 – Friendship Baptist Church – Malone, FL

May 7, 2019 – Celebrate Recovery – Calhoun, GA

June 24-27, 2019 – The Rock Student Ministries Beach Retreat (Roopeville Road Baptist Church) – Panama City Beach, FL

August 6, 2019 – Celebrate Recovery – Calhoun, GA