How to Get to Church and Get Over It – Worship Mindset #3 Truthful

Getting to church on Sunday morning can be such a hassle that we get very little out of the experience and begin to wonder, “what’s the point?” This week I am showing you from Ecclesiastes on how we can get to church, get over the hassle and get to something great! Ecclesiastes is Solomon’s dissertation on how to avoid a meaningless life. In Ecclesiastes 5 Solomon shows us how to avoid meaningless worship. To see the introduction to this week’s series of posts, see Worship Mindset #1, Careful.


The words that we receive in worship are important; so are the words that we say. If mindfulness will help us with the words we receive, then it is truthfulness that will help us with the words that we say. In Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 Solomon cites 3 errors of the tongue often made in worship.

The first error is being rash with the mouth. This means someone puts very little thought into what they are about to say, or perhaps into what they are about to sing. To combat this, Solomon says that we need to remember that we may say our words to people, but they are ultimately said before God. We may be interesting, impressive, and convincing but none of it matters if we are not truthful.

The second error is that of quantity; it is one of too much talking. Solomon simply tells us to let our words be few. Cut back – open up. James 1:19 explains that we need to be quick to listen and slow to speak.

The third error he calls that of the dreamer. The dreamer is busy. This the person who is always giving you a new idea, a better way to do it, a can’t miss scheme, a grand plan, an amazing vision – but is completely blind to himself or herself. The dreamer does not lack excitement, but they always miss it in execution. They are always talking about the dream. Nothing ever comes of the dream. This is the person in your church who always gets it started, lays it back on you, but never sees it through. The dreamer needs to realize that ultimately this too is vanity (v.7). We do not need something else as much as we need the Lord.

The problem with most of what we call worship is that it is a mouth-full, but it is not very truthful.

My friend Scott Dawson launched a new podcast last week called Dawson Now. The guest for Scott’s first episode was best selling author, Andy Andrews. Andy Andrews has written some notable books such as The Traveller’s Gift, The Noticer, and How Do You Kill 11 Million People?, a book about the importance of information in light of the tragedy of the Holocaust.

Andy made a statement that caught my attention. He said, “A lot of people stop at true, but never get to the truth.” He went on to explain that people who make the most difference get down to truth. They are not just satisfied with what’s true.

Andy said it’s like swimming in a pool. You can use the leverage of the water, swim around, and stay afloat for hours. But if you are willing to sink down to the bottom of the pool, there you will find something foundational, something solid. From the bottom of the pool, you can push off and shoot up out of the water with much more effective force.

Truthful means that you are not just going to get to church and say the right things. Furthermore, it means you are not going to get to church and just be satisfied with hearing good things. Truthful means that you want to get to church and get to the bottom of things.

What if a teacher or preacher was not just satisfied with dispensing truth, but was invested in helping people push off the bottom of the pool? What if the church wasn’t just about being busy, but about being effective? Imagine how transformative it would be if worship was not just saying and singing true things, but it was about responding to the TRUTH of things!

What if the church experience were not just a myriad of words, but it consisted of truthful conversations where we helped one another hear from God about getting to the root cause of things?

What if we didn’t just get to church and use words as smokescreens? “I’m fine. How are you?” “Jesus is good.” “I’m blessed.” All of it may be true, but do you ever find yourself using the entire dictionary of church words, but never getting to the bottom of the pool?

How do you get to church and get over it? Get there wanting to not just get there! Get there desperate to get to the bottom of the pool. Get there not just wanting to hear true, but wanting to be truthful.

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