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Learn a new pace of life that will help you accomplish your greatest goals one step at a time.

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#TheWalk is the first release by Brian Branam. There are a lot of books about doing more. This is a book about doing less. There are plenty of books that will show you how to live out your dream. #TheWalk is about dealing with your day. Inside you will not find ways to help you do things faster, but slower, with focus and meaning. Walking through your tasks and choices rather than rushing through them will make a greater impact on those you influence most. By the time you finish reading this book you may begin to change your mind about the things you think are important. You may find that those things are really just distractions. If so, you will not be looking for ways to do them better. You will be looking for ways to get rid of them all together. Living at smartphone speed is sucking the life out of your soul. If you are tired of going fast but not getting very far, hurrying but never arriving, desiring and never doing, starting and never finishing . . . this is your book. It is time for you to learn to walk again. In #TheWalk you will learn how to break life down into one simple question that will change the way you do everything.

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