Fire Starters & Some Facebook News

For this week of love I want to offer one final post. It’s a sermon about great sex in marriage (which means this one will break a record for most views)! So, before we go there . . . let me share some other news.

Facebook has changed their algorithm to encourage more conversation between connected people. I think it is a great idea and so I have done two things. 1) I have created a Facebook page – Brian Branam – that is more reflective of the website. In the future, I will also broadcast my popular series from that page so please follow the page so you can get the latest content. Visit the page here.

2) Within the page I have created a discussion group called Biblical Conversations on Culture. The purpose of the group is to offer topics concerning culture and current events and help people make Biblical connections to what is going on in the world around us. I hope to post FB Live videos as news happens through the week, giving you a place to respond and offer Biblical insight to what you see happening in the world. The plan is to offer the first topic for discussion tonight, 2/15/18, at 8:45 p.m. eastern time. Please stop by and join the group.

So, let’s talk about sex in marriage. It is a sermon called Fire Starters originally shared at Liberty Baptist Church. Sadly, when it comes to sex, the church is confused. The church talks often about not having sex outside of marriage, but rarely reflects the Biblical teaching – have it and enjoy it within marriage. Marriage is not the end of sex, it is the greatest place for it!

Fire Starters from Brian Branam on Vimeo.

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Still in Like?

You know you are supposed to love your spouse, but do you like them?  Annoyances turn into arguments.  Arguments turn into avoidances and before long instead of building a protecting wall around your marriage you have built a separating wall in between.  How do we overcome the dislikes that distance us in marriage and reclaim genuine love?

(P.S. – proof I am still alive!  Sorry I have not written in quite some time).

Still In Like (Still His Still Hers Series) from Liberty Baptist Church on Vimeo.
Dalton Campus 10-11-15

Be a Woman (Wise Marriage Series Video)

Be a Woman from Brian Branam on Vimeo.

We are led to believe that the Biblical picture of women is archaic, narrow minded, oppressive, and chauvinistic; that it is written by males in a male dominated society and in that way it cannot be trusted. However, we see the woman of Prov 31 is financially secure, adored by her husband and children, and brings stability to her home. Modern feminism just can't seem to offer the satisfaction of these biblical concepts.

Be a Man (Wise Marriage Series Video)

Be a Man from Brian Branam on Vimeo.
Society has a lot of definitions for a man and woman. What we are seeing in our culture is that as we struggle for the meaning of equality we are trying to make man and woman the same. The end result is a lot of chaos in marriage and in society. Though we are equal we are not the same. It is detrimental to manhood for it to mimic womanhood, and vice versa.

Let’s Talk (Part 1) Communication in Marriage

Let’s Talk Part 1 from Brian Branam on Vimeo.
In marriage, talking is crucial; but men and women have very different opinions of what that means and just how necessary it is to talk. Women are looking for fulfilling conversation, men want fulfilling sex. The good news is that whether you realize it or not, we are striving for the same goal. Both men and women are looking for intimacy. When we learn to talk, the ultimate needs for both can be accomplished.

Home Improvement, Avoiding Separating Issues (Part 1)

Home Improvement Part 1 (Avoiding Separation) from Brian Branam on Vimeo.
There are three main issues that can foster anger and resentment creating a sense of “separation” in marriage: money, kids, and in-laws. These things, when left out of control, can begin to drive a wedge in the marriage and make you feel suddenly alone. We are to subdue the earth, but if we are not working together these things will subdue you. The union is constantly threatened which can create a sense of separation. Separation takes place long before leaving and therefore we must prepare and protect our marriages in order to keep them strong.