Sermon of the Week: The Power of Parenting

Never underestimate the power of a parent as a conduit of the blessing to their children. You can’t choose your family, buy God can use you to change the course of it. God can help you overcome the barriers from your past that you may deal with to become the parent you need to be for your children. Take being a blessing to your children seriously.

This sermon was shared at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL in 2011.

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The Curse (from the “Dirt” series, Gen. 2 & 3)

The Curse from Brian Branam on Vimeo.
Adam and Eve’s decision to eat the forbidden fruit brought death to humanity and exposed the greatest lie ever told, “you will not die.” Yet we still become angry with God when life is traumatic. Though these feelings of anger are natural it is important for us to realize, God was the only one who was honest that life would be like this.