Discussion of Marvel’s Black Panther with Pastor Angulus Wilson

If you missed last night’s edition of Biblical Conversations on Culture, I interviewed Pastor Angulus Wilson, Dean of Chapel at Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, CA about Marvel’s hit film Black Panther. Takeaways from the interview:

  1. Black Panther presents an alternative, progression vision of Africa than we usually see on screen.
  2. The film breaks the mold of the typical “Black Movie” genre that Hollywood produces. Rather than portraying a black character that glorifies violence and crime, or focuses on poverty and oppression it portrays a positive image of kings, queens, and heroes. “You see a black man in a role of positive leadership.”
  3. Angulus makes some interesting Christological parallels with T’Challa as an image of a king with an invisible kingdom.
  4. Angulus makes some interesting missiological parallels for the church and shares some great information about the mission movement that is coming FROM Africa to America.

Watch the interview here. If you’ve seen the film, what did you think about it? Please reply below.

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