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Christian communicator of Biblical content

I am a Christian communicator helping people connect Biblical content to culture.

Currently, I serve as the Lead Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church. Liberty is a multi-site church in Northwest Georgia. I am an author and speaker. I post frequently and share my sermon manuscripts. Past posts are still available at or you can find the latest ones here. Here are some links to sermon audio content. There is lots of video throughout the site. Here is a link to a complete video library of a devotional broadcast from Psalms (Back Porch Psalms).

Christian Heritage School has also provided me with the opportunity of teaching High School Bible, serving as the Bible Department Head, and team chaplain for Lions Football. I love impacting High School students with Biblical content as they are at the crossroads of cultural engagement. Thanks for visiting

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What if there was no belief or concept of God in the mind of humans? The question of God is the first question of worldview. The answer makes every other decision. A World Without God - from the Brainwashed series. BrianBranam photo

Love One Another, how teams can keep from becoming toxic. BrianBranam photo

Is it possible in an increasingly irreligious society to reach people? Yes! Here is How to Baptize a Bunch of People. #blogs #evangelism BrianBranam photo

Worldview is critical. Watch the opening message of our new sermon series at Liberty, Brainwashed, Captured By Culture BrianBranam photo
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