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Back Porch Psalms provides a short devotional broadcast from each chapter of the Book of Psalms. With 153 episodes and over 100,000 views, BPP has been used by many people for daily encouragement, Bible study, or as a supplement for teaching. The original episodes aired on Facebook Live, but they have all been archived at BrianBranam.com for your use and enjoyment. 

To view specific episodes of Back Porch Psalms, use the links below.

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The God of Your Comeback! Psalm 113. #BackPorchPsalms

Posted by Brian Branam on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Quiet The Soul

We are overworked, over stimulated, and overwhelmed. As a result America is one of the most sleep deprived nations on earth. Not good! Psalm 131 calls us to something that Spurgeon said was "short to read, but takes long to learn"; quiet the soul.

Posted by Brian Branam on Thursday, July 26, 2018

How to Cry - Psalm 142. #BackPorchPsalms

Posted by Brian Branam on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"Brian Branam has done it again! His new book, Pulse drives home the idea of a real man. Drawing from the life of David, he builds the case for Biblical manhood. This resource will be perfect for any man who is on a journey towards a REAL, BIBLICAL understanding of manhood. Get it for your Sunday School, Life Group, small group, or men's ministry. Pulse is life changing!

- Scott Dawson (Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association)

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Most of the time you can find me at Liberty Baptist Church, but from time to time I love to share with other groups. Please consider me as a speaker at your next event. I have spoken to large and small groups, church congregations, student groups, men's groups, college and single's events, civic organizations, sports teams, and conferences. Thank you for the opportunity. 

Brian Branam